7 Healthy game tips

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7 Healthy game tips

Augame.info - playing games on your computer or in video game Consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and more, for some people is a fun and enjoyable activity. Behind it all, playing games can have a bad impact (negative), although there is also a good side (positive).

Well, to get the best impact and minimize the impact of the game play, it helps to read the tips and tricks of the post from The Following augame.info readers:

1. Limit Game Play time

When it is good to play games usually people forget the time to stop and do other useful activities. At the beginning of the game you set the time for about one or two hours. If you need to install an alarm clock to know the time limit.

Playing games can have a bad impact on our body, because the brain is full concentration on the game will ignore important activities or needs of the body such as eating, drinking, worship, bathing, sleep, rest, exercise, socializing, and so forth. Sometimes people are just aware after playing games are feeling dizzy.

2. Don't play endless games

Try, pick a game that doesn't make us addicted to play it for months and years and spend a lot of time to play it in order to produce a good game.

Of course it will restrict us to know other new games, keep curious, and can sometimes feel embarrassed if the status of the game account that we play has low results compared to other gamers. It would be good if we used the time for other activities.

3. Avoid difficult games that lure emotions

Games that are difficult sometimes make us annoyed and finally emotions and anger is not clear. They can be targeted if they are longer and can be slammed, beaten, trampled, and various other violent acts.

Not only the console machine or computer PC/laptop only that so damaged. The hands, feet and body can also be sick when committing violent acts on harsh and dense dead objects. Stop playing the game if it's emotional and watch Tevé instantly to dampen the rage.

4. Play a brain-sharpening Game

There are many games that can improve our brain thinking skills such as puzzle games, case games, memory games, strategy games, and so on. There is also a funny game that can entertain us while playing it.

Analyze the game you are playing, whether it can make a positive impact and can give entertainment or thinking skills. If it doesn't give anything, it means that the game just wasted your time.

5. Encourage others to play with

Playing games is much better than playing alone. By inviting friends, family, neighbors, girlfriends, and so on playing games we will strengthen our relationship with others. Obviously, as long as the game is played it is suitable to play together and not make emotions.

The game alone will eliminate our social souls and can reduce our number of friends over time. Friends acquaintances from playing online games are not real friends because that person, could be, dishonest on us. Real life friends are far more valuable than virtual friends.

6. Do not play gambling

Game that involves betting money in it arguably gambling. Nowadays, the game comes in the form of electronic games such as agile balls, card gambling, coin games, and other games that can be played online and freely circulated on the Internet.

Gambling can make us poor suddenly. Online gambling, for example, is all already in-setting. The city will never lose because the system has established how much the city gains. All our harm. Because, in addition to sin, playing gambling games can also make us forget the time, forget the family, and certainly, forget the same God.

7. Don't waste money

Love your money and should be saved for future provisions and to watch out when you don't have money. Calculate all expenses from nge-games, such as transport, electricity, internet access, food, beverage, pay rental

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