Review of game Crysis 2

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Judul : Review of game Crysis 2
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Review of game Crysis 2

Crysis 2 has a great campaign, aswell as an awesome multiplayer. Before you start to play multiplayer, the campaign gives you a great in-game tutorial and hours of entertainment, with a variety of different ways to approach each stage of the missions, ranging from flanking the enemies, to taking you past ammo. Also, you are not just faced with one enemy, but two; the aliens who are invading, and a rival company who want your Nanosuit.

The graphics in this game are the best I have seen. Ever. The amount of detail that Crytek have put into this game is unbelievable, every last detail is up to scratch, the bullets lying on the floor, ammo in crates that you can take, weapons that you pick up and drop, is all make better than I have seen before. If you are some kind of graphics fanatic, and I know some people who are, then I recommend you getting this game.

There is a multiplayer in Crysis 2, and it is a good one at that. It is really fast paced, much like CoD, but it is a lot more

 fun. What makes it better is the abilities you have as a player; you can go into stealth mode, making you character almost invisible, there is armor mode, where your character can survive more bullet hits, or explosions, and there is nanovision, in which heat signatures show up in your vision, so you can detect cloaked enemies more easily.

There are also kill streaks, but not as you would expect. Every time you kill an enemy, he will drop a dog tag. When you walk over it, you will pick it up, and  only then will it count towards your kill streak. Dog tags don’t disappear when you die, so you can collect them in another life. The rewards of kill streaks are preset by the server, so no one gets an unfair advantage.

This game is definitely worth getting, my rating for it is 9/10, and I really enjoy playing this game.

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